Move Out Checklist

 Properly cleaning your apartment is the key to receiving your Security Deposit Refund

We hope you have enjoyed your time at Brookwood Apartments this past year. Below is a checklist for leaving your room in a condition that will allow you to have your security deposit returned. Please go over each of these points and, if you have any questions about the condition of your room before you leave, please contact us.



  • Cupboards should be cleaned out – empty – and wiped down.

  • Sink should be clean and have no scum or debris.

  • Stove top and inserts should be cleaned with no grease, dirt or debris.

  • Oven should be wiped out with no debris or grease.

  • Refrigerator should be clean inside and out. Wiped down. No stains/grease.

  • Table and 2 chairs should be in the kitchen and should be clean.


  • Sink and shower should be clean. No stains, dirt or scum. And no debris.

  • Cabinet should be empty and wiped down.

Living room:

  • Couch, chair and coffee table should be clean – no food, dirt or other debris in the cushions.


  • Bed, dresser, desk and chair should be clean. Empty, wiped down.

  • Closet should be empty and clean

All Rooms:

  • Carpets should be vacuumed and clean – even corners and edges!

  • There should be no dirt or debris on your floors when you leave.

  • Every window should have a blind – it should not be broken

  • Smoke detectors that are disconnected or missing will incur a fee

  • Doors should be clean and Doorknobs should not be loose

  • Walls and ceilings should be clean of tape marks or other damage

  • If you plan to leave anything behind – TV’s, microwaves, anything…you must clear that with us first (unless you will be living at Brookwood again next year)

Click the link below to download a printable version of this list.

Leave the completed checklist on your kitchen table when you move out.

 Don't forget to leave your KEYS and PARKING PERMITS.

If no one is in the office when you leave, place them in an envelope marked with your name and apartment number, and put them through the mail slot in the office door.

Move Out Checklist