For Herkimer College Students

#1 Choice in College Housing

Save thousands $$ compared to other housing options

  • Every student has their own, private bedroom with a key lock on the door

  • Furniture - your apartment is fully furnished and ready for you to move right in... even mattress covers, shower curtains and window blinds

  • Utilities - your water and electric is included - no hookup charges - no monthly bills

  • Trash Disposal - dump your trash from inside the building

    • no special bags

    • no lugging to the curb

  • Cable Internet - you have free Cable internet Wi-Fi throughout the building

  • Mail Delivery - your apartment has a private mailbox right in the lobby

  • Free Shuttle Bus Service - you ride for free 

    • Door to Door Bus Service runs to and from the college and downtown (schedule available)

    • Wait in comfort right inside the lobby - the bus comes right to the main door

  • Parking - you park for free in our private, well-maintained, off-street parking lot

  • Security - you can rest easy

    • the main door is locked at all times and only Brookwood tenants have access

    • three levels of security: Main Entrance, Apartment door, Bedroom door

  • Walkable - Centrally located.  Brookwood Apartments is just a short walk to College Campus and Downtown

 #1 in Privacy          #1 in Comfort           #1 in Security          #1 in Affordability        #1 in Customer Satisfaction